For 31 years STARRY, Inc. has provided life-enriching, at-no-cost family counseling, and family support services to tens of thousands of families around Texas. In those years, countless clients have been welcomed with open arms and provided essential guidance in life’s most turbulent times.

These highly sought out STARRY services have two key limitations: 1) only families with school-age children can access them, and 2) our funding for these vital services is hundreds of thousands of dollars short when compared to the need.

There are many strategies employed by STARRY to overcome this challenge, and new innovations are always being sought. To that end, we’re announcing a major new strategy: Northstar Counseling, LLC.

With Northstar Counseling, STARRY has created a subsidiary for-profit organization with a unique purpose: meeting the needs of individuals, couples, and families seeking professional counseling options in the marketplace, while simultaneously supporting STARRY to provide sustainable services to children and families with at-no-cost non-profit counseling and family support.

Northstar Counseling, LLC is a professional counseling agency, providing fee-for-service Telehealth counseling across the state of Texas. Anyone in Texas with a need for fee-for-service counseling can explore Northstar Counseling services right here on this site.

What is most exciting and most unique about Northstar Counseling, LLC is this: At Northstar, when we care for the mental health of our clients, the proceeds gained by Northstar benefit STARRY’s non-profit clients. Rarely is there an opportunity in life to meet so many needs simultaneously. We believe this is a compelling and exciting strategy for clients and clinicians, alike.

Our Northstar therapists will be some of the most well-compensated contract providers in the marketplace, receiving a generous percentage of the session fees for their work and gaining the motivating assurance that their service for their clients has profound humanitarian benefits for thousands of families beyond their reach as well.

After costs are paid for providing Northstar services, the remaining funds will be used to support STARRY’s mission, simultaneously closing the gap created by the shortage of non-profit funding and empowering top-tier client care in two dynamic venues, the for-profit and non-profit worlds.

When we care for individuals, marriages, children, older generations, and families at Northstar Counseling, we empower the decades long story of STARRY services to over 300,000 children and families to continue for years to come.

With Northstar, you can embrace your own mental wellness journey, at competitive market rates, while at the same time having energizing awareness that a large percentage of your investment in your own wellbeing has been a life-changing investment in the help and hope of those who don’t have the resources to invest in a fee-for-service wellness journey.

STARRY, Inc. and Northstar Counseling, LLC invite you to join our unique, innovative, and life-building mission, Better Together!

Richard Singleton, CEO
Northstar Counseling, LLC

STARRY, Inc. and Northstar Counseling, LLC invite you to join our unique, innovative, and life-building mission…Better Together!